Push Notification Problem

I have set up everything but I can’t see notification on my device

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There have been multiple reports about the problem in the past few weeks. This has been unstable since its release, hence that’s why it’s still in beta. I would not recommend using that for production. I don’t know if there’s a fix, or if the problem is with Glide or the OS itself.

Side notes, unrelated to your question:

  • Why is your ProfileCompletedOn column User Specific? Just based on the name of the column, I would expect that as an Admin you would probably want to see that data for all users. But when you make it user specific, that isn’t possible (at least not easily possible).
  • You have an “owner” column that doesn’t have Row Owners applied. Seems odd…
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Try unchecking this:


what is the Beta?
I don’t have any information about Beta,could you explain that Please?

First question: You are right I should change PrifileCompletedOn column
Second question: I had made “owner” in Free Plan and I haven’t use that column anywhere yet.

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