Pulling in images for streaks

Yeah, what the relation shows is a little weird. I think it’s either supposed to be the first column in the row, or the column before or after the the column you link to. Not really sure. I’ve seen different results, and maybe it varies if you’ve shuffled columns around. Either way, as you’ve noticed, it doesn’t really matter. It’s just telling you that it found a matching row.

To have your streak reset, I’m not sure how you track a streak right now. I’m assuming date comes into play? You could probably do something like an IF column that checks if the last date is more than 1 day prior to today’s date, then return 0, else return the current chain value. Then use that IF column for your relation.

As for image compression, I believe Glide does optimize images automatically…at least in certain circumstances…depending on the browser and if the image is being shown in an image component, or list, or some other view. There’s some basic info below.

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