Pulling guest/customer data once instead of duplicating?

I built this app that is a basic checklist for guests arriving/departing from hotels – it works really well, just as I intended.

However the setup process is a little bit cumbersome. In order to have a guest list (and their associated bag) appear on the preferred date, I have the guest list essentially duplicated for each subsequent day. In this example, all the guest info will remain the same across the entire duration of the trip.

Perhaps not the easiest to see, bu the guests (associated with their own bag) are duplicated for all three of the days/hotels:

Basically the question is: might there be a better/simpler way to have guest data pull from a single list rather than duplicating guest info for each individual day?

One important question is how are you presenting this on the front end? Do you want any edits in-app for each of those rows?

Edits not necessary since the list will be imported from the singular trip list (in the spreadsheet).

I suppose there could be times where adding a bag number and/or guest individually within the app may be useful, but adding users/guests/customers within the app itself is not the primary/intended function.

Are tours ever longer that a few days, or ever more than a few hotel stays? I quick thought would be separate checkbox columns for each stop. Not my preferred method, but quick and dirty.

Otherwise I’d maybe try to incorporate one of these methods or some form of it that uses a date instead of a unique ID. If you only need the checklist for a short period of time or for the day, then you could probably do something with a date and when the date changes, the list would automatically reset.

Thanks for these tips! Will research. Generally tours would last anywhere from 8-14 days, so not certain there’s an elegant way to avoid numerous rows (~400-500 rows per tour if ~40-50 people over a ~10-day tour).

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The way i would do this, is to have a separate sheets for each list… rooms, guest’s, baggage… then each booking will be a separate event with date start, date end, row id of: room, guest, baggage
Now you can do any filter you wanted and any formula you wanted

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Actually come to think of it, the examples you provided are pretty sufficient for this particular use as historical data isn’t really important for this task (either the bags are loaded onboard, or they’re not, ha).

I do have another app with related questions: User data rendering as checklist instead of tiles?

I may try that. I actually had built something similar for a separate event company. Initially I had separate sheets for each individual event, however it was suggested that this would result in endless number of sheets since there was no end date for the events.

For a tour with defined dates, however, that wouldn’t be as much of an issue. Good suggestion!

There are only 3 sheets… why endless? You have a start date, if end date is undefined yet, it will reserve the room for infinite time, you can add a default value if end date is empty… start date plus 1

I should clarify that the app data in this example is just a fraction of what would be in regular use. For ongoing events, that’s where no defined end date would exist (well, each unique event day/date would be its own start and end date). Though that’s not as important for this app, as there would be a start and end date for an individual tour of ~8-14 days.

so… still 3 sheets… 1. tour, 2 guests, 3 baggage… plus 1 sheet for booked tours that will have items from these 3 sheets
any item that you need to relate to… make a separate sheet

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