Published Google Doc requiring login from glide app link

My app’s URL:
I have made a google doc and made it public and published it. (Its our team roster)
However from the link off the glide app it still pops up with google login window to see it.
With publishing it’s just a website so no login is required.
Here’s the published google doc URL

I want the link to go directly to the published google doc with no login required.
It works just fine if I’m on a computer and access the app or published doc. Just won’t work in the app.

When you click on the publish you should see the app URL. It should look something link https:// There is a button you can select to copy it to the clipboard. That is the link to the app.

Thanks, but that’s not what I’m asking one of my links in the app directs towards a published Google doc ( no login should be required) however it’s prompting login ( on phone use only)

Can’t look at your app without a published link to it. The app url you posted is for the builder. Not the app.

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