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Hello. I don’t know which category this falls under.

I am giving time limited access to customers based on the plan they pay for. E.g 6 months, 2 years or forever. Now, at the end of the service period, I would like to give customers some sort of downloadable artifact of their content. Like a PDF or compressed folder of multiple files. The content is like a web page with text, images and formatting. Customers will get an email with attachment or link with their content package.

How can I do this? I am thinking writing some sort of script function. Any suggestions?

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Do you think about making a google sheet formula that changes number of days last?
When the number is 0 or under 0 you have a filter to show a link or some information.

Got that but how would I generate downloadable content?

What do you want the user downloading?Is it just a webpage, several files? Or a glide screen?

Some options I am considering are:

  1. A well formatted PDF with links to media that point to files in a sub-directory
  2. An offline web page with links to media that point to files in a sub-directory
  3. A compressed file with folders having media categories

My media is pictures, videos, audio clips, documents, plain text notes.

Can anyone suggest how to achieve this? Thanks.

Please do you have any ideas because I have always wanted something like this

Is this content uploaded via the Glide app?

in my case yess

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So the links to these files are stored within your sheet. You can def use Apps Script to email users their uploaded content, but with the inevitable variables that come with this use case, we will need some magic for sure. Ideally, what flow do you envision?

  1. Users can request their content via the app and receive an email?
  2. Manually send content upon request?
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You can create an Amazon S3 bucket containing your archive or your files, for this purpose. You’ll get a downloadable link you can integrate in your app as a web link

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that sounds a lot easier

@MegannLock, in my case it is basically when a subscription ends and is not renewed. I want to hand the user what they had in a good formatted way. Similar to how you get your pictures taken in a studio and they give you a photo DVD. How someone requests it is not really important for me.

Ideally, I want to give them a formatted PDF document with links pointing to local folders/sub-folders in the same directory.


I asked that because I’m wondering if you’re after an automated system. If not, then you can always grab their file upload links from your google sheet and place them into a template of some kind.

If you’re wanting an automated system, then google apps script would be a solution. I’m a mere amateur with scripts, but I have written one that creates a PDF of a specific tab of a sheet & emails it. So, it could be modified to fit your needs. Are you familiar with Apps Script?

Yes. I use scripts extensively. Could you guide me with the pdf solution. I want to automate this workflow. Thanks

Sure! I’ll comment some links/examples here in a bit!

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Okay check out this sheet+script for some ideas— it’s not fully automated, but that’s where your creativity can flourish! Since you’re experienced with apps scripts, you might play around with the embedded script and add additional functions to automate it more. The tab labeled “PDF” contains some formulas to filter one indicated user’s files from two diff tabs. In this example, I just used hyperlinks for the files, but you could very well use an image formula to actually display them depending on the content type.

Hope this helps (auto-copy link):

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Also, I threw/recycled this together rather quickly. I think I may have forgotten to change the script to email just that first tab! Oops!

Thanks so much for helping out. I will take a look in a day or two.