Progress bars for different table rows

Hi Community, how are you?

I need to make a progress bar for each row in my table, but when I create the progress bar it’s only reading the first row, how do I solve this?

Explaining my product a little, I need to show an efficiency bar of the sales process, each line has the percentage of efficiency.

Can you show a screenshot of a sample of your data? What does each row actually contain, and would you always have the same number of rows? Do you want to show progress bars for all rows?

This might be a good case for using a custom collection.


Correct. I JUST did this with a study app I built:


You helped me a lot Jeff, thanks a lot.

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Hmm i guess this is something not available for Glide pages right.

Custom Collections are ONLY available in New Apps (Pages). You will not find them in Classic Apps.

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