Creating A List Of Progress Bars

Is it possible to create a progress bar for every row in a sheet? I only seem to have the option to select the first row when using that component.

Today, progress bars can only be added to Details screens, which show one row at a time—although not necessarily the first row. (It sounds like you are showing a Details screen at the top-level, which shows the first matching row.)

You want a list of progress bars? Like a checklist, but instead of checkboxes, progress bars? Can you explain more about your use case?

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes I am.

I’m trying to create a budgeting feature in my app. Progress bars are a great way to show the % of the budget that’s spent. It’d look similar to this -


I’ve asked for this several times. A way to add a progress bar to the bottom of a card view.

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Thanks for sharing that, the team had asked me to post the question here. Just to avoid any confusion, I’m not trying to add the progress bars to a card view.

No, but to add it to any inline view (including card view in my case…inline list in yours) would be stellar.

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Very nice!

We’ve discussed a generic ‘list view’, which would be specified like a details view, except the details are repeated for each row in the list. This would allow the feature you’re describing.


Yes! That would be neat! Would be nice if it could allow for positioning/sizing/alignment of text and images too.


Liking that layout. :+1:

Visually, very easy on the eye. It enables the user to quickly understand the data.

I am also believe that ‘progress data’ encourages users to interact and use the app more frequently.

This feature would be a welcome addition to glide.

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