Progress bar advancements

Is there a way to count row items completed to show dynamically the advancement of the progress bar?

Thank you very much for your help

Use a rollup column.

Sorry, I meant row items. Like when a user complete a form (name + surname and so on) in an onboarding process

You would have to do it on a detail screen or a new screen.

With some sort of counter when you press the next button.

Action(Next) → Increment number by 1 and -1 when you press back.

Set the max value to the total pages / questions

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Please beware that this setup can easily eat up your edit count.

Since the progress bar allows you to specify custom values, I think you can live with setting custom values for every step of the onboarding, then use “show new screen” to navigate to the next step, and “go back” to navigate to the previous step.


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Oh yes, I’m doing it that way but I wasn’t aware of the edit count. Thanks for letting me know!

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