Progress bar: Change source?


As much as we can change the source for an INLINE LIST, I’d like to be able to do so for a PROGRESS BAR (to be able to select from another google sheets tab the info to do, say, a pie chart).

Maybe that’s possible already with some kin of a workaround?

Thank you, Raph

Can you bring that over using relations & lookups?

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I’d love to but haven’t been able so far… :confused:

Tell me if I can help.

Relations and lookups/rollups would be the best way. What kind of problems are you having using that method?

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So I had the same problem that I just solved.

I wanted to pull through a pass/fail rate from the other tab.

In the test tab:
I did a relation between the person’s name column in the main sheet and the name in the test sheet.
then a roll up count of all the all the values ( 2 passes and a fail gives a count of 3).
math column -> pass/ amnt of tests = pass rate

In main tab:
rollup of the pass rate (sum)
and a rollup of the amnt of tests (count)
template column -> Pass Rate Out of X Sessions where X = amnt of tests

now make a progress bar with Pass Rate as your column and the template as your title

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