How to collect datas from a progress bar?

I’ve set up a user-specific progress bar so that each one could follow its own progress in a training program. I’d like to collect the progress of each user. Today I have to use “preview as” and copy each email to see each score but I’m sure I can find a better solution. Any ideas?

Are you counting the number of “done” items in a program by rollup?

Yes, the sum of modules done fill the progress bar. I just want to link that sum to the user email.

You have your “User profiles” sheet right? Where are you counting the modules done for the progress bar? I suppose you can make a single relation matching the email in the “User profiles” sheet to the “Modules” sheet, then have a lookup to pull back the number from the rollup column.

Yes I have the email in “user profiles” sheet.
But I don’t have the email in my “modules” sheet: this a just a list of things to do with the score of the user. I’ve made a screenshot for you

. Thanks a lot for your help

If you do not have a way to create a relationship across the google sheet tabs may I suggest using a arrayformula to perform a vlookup in the page without any relation data so that you can use that same vlookup result to create a relation in the app.

I don’t think I’ve caught it.

The score doesn’t appear in my google sheet, only in DATA from Glide.

I indeed want to create a relation between the "“modules” sheet and the “user profile” sheet by linking the email but I don’t manage to do it.

As you have realized, there’s no way to link the data when your “Modules” sheet contains all the information in a user-specific way.

I can’t think of a way to collect data back to your profiles sheet with this structure, apart from asking the players to submit their score back to your sheet via a form. But as you have launched it, I don’t think it’s a good way.

At the start, you should have let the users create one row for each of their “module” challenge so that you can relate to that via their email.

create a editable space that is set to their scores andhave the progress bar pull from that list