Programmed Actions

It could have programmed actions in Glide without the need for third-party tools. For example: whenever a user adds a task to his schedule, he could receive a reminder by SMS or other means. I believe that many people seek to make the application more automatic with fewer clicks for the user to perform.

I’m sorry, can you explain in more detail?

With the coming Airtable integration with Glide you can made use of Airtable automations to do that.

I think the combination of the excellent Glide no-code web-designer and the power of Airtable as data repository will be a game changer.

Are Automations only available on the Pro plan? That’s what I read after quickly browsing their site. Looks like a cool alternative to Sheets.

I was thinking the same

Found this ( just read it quickly so best you have a look to check the full detail)


100 runs month for the free plan. 5.000 for the 10$ month plan. Not bad.

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Thanks! I didn’t see Automations mentioned on their pricing page til the Pro section, but I’m on my phone and there are likely more details I’m not seeing. Appreciate the info! 100 automations is pretty good for some basic actions for smaller apps!

You have to consider also the 1.200 row limit for the free plan. You can create unlimited bases. Enough to start. You can now also use one Airtable App (lots of useful ones to internal an external data processes) since this week.

Awesome, thanks! Would an automation possibly be something like send email when a row is added or changed?

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Sure. And also programmed every week/month etc mails with summaries and more. And everything with filters and/or conditions. Airtable is an awesome data manager. Glide and Airtable complement each other wonderfully. Integration is now in beta so I think this will be a reality soon.

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Wow really interesting! Creating an account… Now! Thanks

Airtable has many inbuilt automation actions. I use it alot and my entire work is on airtable. I am really excited to use Airtable and Glide together.

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