Proforma and Real Estate

Hi Everyone. I’m gliding in from New York City. When I’m not running around the city or in the gym or scouring the city for real estate I enjoy skydiving, traveling to exotic destinations, and learning how to build useful products in no-code.

I Spend a lot of time creating Financial pro forma for real estate investments. I am looking for a platform that can help me build, test, and scale an idea that I have for streamlining investment decisions using pro forma‘s.

I currently use Microsoft excel and from the best of my knowing, glide is most useful for people with existing data versus data that needs to be user generated.?? I’d like some advice on getting started with my current Excel template and converting that to a Web version.

I would not say so. It would be great for both use cases, as long as you have a good data structure, and a clear idea on what your app/page would have.

Welcome, and feel free to let us know if you have any questions.