Profiles in Glide app?

I would like Profiles in glide apps, so multiple people could login to the Glide App on the same device. Thank you!

You mean this?

I think he means a dynamic profile switcher with the ability to choose between accounts that are already logged in in order to be able to change these profiles flexibly on a work device, for example.

As there is no native function for this, one option would be to create a table with groups or teams and to group different user accounts under it. Depending on the required location, a drop-down field for selecting the current user could be useful for service areas or warehouse locations with a terminal device. The user would be logged into a fixed account, but could retrieve data from the other profiles via indirect routes. IMPORTANT: Depending on the authorizations (Row-Owner etc.), a duplicate of the user table may be required here.

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Yes! That is exactly what I mean. It would be nice to have like a Profile Selection screen, kind of like on Netflix. (Yes, I am relating Glide Apps to Netflix.)

Thank you!

Any reason why signing out and signing back in won’t do?

Yeah, so looking at what Glide offers right now, your idea to simulate a profile switcher actually sounds like a pretty solid plan. You’d set up a main user table, then have a sub-table for the multiple profiles a user might switch between, sort of like having different hats to wear, and you switch hats depending on the job, right?

So for each profile, you could use Glide’s features to filter what the user sees. It’d be like, “If the user’s profile is X, show them Y data.” You can totally get creative with this using visibility conditions, roles, and user-specific columns. This way, users get to see only what’s relevant for their selected ‘profile’ at that time.

Just make sure when you’re setting this up, each user’s data is tied to their account securely, especially with sensitive info. Glide has these row owners settings that keep things locked down to just the right eyes.

It’s not the Netflix-style profile switching but it’s kinda like making your own version of it with the tools you’ve got. And who knows? If you share this workaround with the community and it gets traction, maybe Glide will see there’s a real need for this kind of feature and make it happen.

Anyway, hope this helps, and good luck with your app!

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