Products with units, and subscription with Stripe

Hey all,

I’m trying to gauge if Glide can be used to build a web service shop/portal, which will have a number of products with unit pricing (e.g. Product A for $50 per 5 units), and a customer can subscribe to multiple products with different units (e.g. 5 units of Product A, 2x5 units of Product B etc.). They will be billed via Stripe Checkout on a monthly basis based on products and units purchased/used, and subscription can be managed via Stripe Customer Portal.

I’m thinking of having a Users table, Products table, and Subscriptions table (User Email, Product Id).

I’ll really appreciate if someone can share their suggestions or tips on the followings areas:

  1. What tables and relations should I define for the user to see all products with a button (conditionally) next to one’s they haven’t subscribed?

  2. What’s a good simple way to create a customer subscription (multi-product, multi-units), and allow them to update the subscription (add/remove products, increase/decrease units per product)? I’m guessing I’ll need Zapier or Make to achieve this bit.

  3. Any existing similar templates around which I can study a bit more?

Thanks a ton!

I released a video series that explains how to do something this using all no-code tools. It does require the pro-plan for Glide.