Product Sales Template

I see templates pertaining to inventory management, company directories, and such but no template for how to build a sales quote or estimate. This type of template would save me a ton of time. I also believe it would appeal to more potential Glide customers as well.

What features would you expect to see in the template? A description of the user experience would be useful if someone is interested in building the template and adding it to the template gallery.

That is a great question. Here’s the functional specification that I’m looking for. Users: sales/BD professional and prospective customer/client. This would be geared for a product, tangible experience.
Beta 1
Welcome Screen (which I’ve created already)
Product Collection (which I’ve also created based on 10 products / Uploaded Excel spreadsheet )
Estimate with the ability to select products with pricing with and without shipping estimate (not sure how to do this - have to figure out how to select put into a format that I can then send electronically as a PDF.)
Add a form so it can be sent to prospect (this looks to be fairly easy) determine where to store that information.

V.2 would be adding the ability to send a PO and take a deposit along with setting up a time to meet / kick-off the project - again this looks to be fairly simple.

I’m very new to Glide and I’m not a developer so I’m muddling my way through.

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