Problems with Set Colum Values

I am creating an application to control the orders placed by each customer. What I do is the following:
From the customers screen (customers table as source) I select the customer and give the option to start order. At this point I add a new line in the orders table to have the name/id of the customer.

In the orders screen I select the products and I have a button to add to cart, but when I enter to create the action and use the option “Set Colum Values” I don’t see the data of the table Notes, but the data of the products I am selecting. What am I doing wrong? or how can I reference this table to feed the cart record and just update the values?

If I try to do it through a relationship the button turns it off and I can not see it. thanks for your support

Hola Juan!

Do you mean you can’t see your relation in Set Column Value action?

If so, check and modify your relation, this must be a simple relation (not multiple).


From customers to orders I have multiple match and from orders to customers simple, is this correct?
Many thanks

It looks fine.
By definition:

  • A customer can have several orders (multiple relation)
  • An Order has or should be associated to an only one customer (simple relation)

So far, Glide can’t write values to several rows at the same time (via a multiple relation), so we have to use only single relations.



Can you specify what are you trying to “set” through this action?

Hello, Sure . What I am looking for is to assign to an order the customer id, so that when I enter the products in the cart the customer data is already entered. Why do I do this, because I need to search for the customer among hundreds of them by phone number and from the customer screen is where I can do it.
The flow I follow is as follows

  • I look for customer (this one is in the Customers DB)
  • Call order (here is where I add the customer ID to the orders table)
  • Select my products that I want for the cart (for this I select the category, then the subcategory to choose the product, -the customer ask for this-) and here is where I have the problem, because when I want to update the cart (this is in the orders table) the Set Value is pointing to the Product table and I have no way to update the orders table.

I put a video so that you can see this : Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Many thanks for your help

Some questions here:

1/Are you making the order for the customers, or are they making it themselves?

2/Can customers have multiple active orders at the same time?

3/Are customers logged in if they make the orders themselves?

1.- An employee is the one who makes the order for the customer who is the one who brings his clothes (it is an app for a laundry).

2.- Yes, for example you can have one or more orders for any of the categories of services provided (laundry, dry cleaning and sewing).

3.- No, the customer will not have access to generate their own orders.