Problem with Quickchart

Hi everyone,
I have a problem with quickchart and I don’t find a solution.
I try to make an URL with Template column in a glide pages for my students.
But, my URL doesn’t work. I have a « ? » near to « c ». I could have a « & ».
May be the pictures can help
Do you know where is the mistake?
Thanks a lot

There might be more issues with your url, but you have a ‘?’ which indicates the start of query parameters…but also I see that you have a second ‘?’ before the ‘c’ parameter, which seems wrong. ‘?’ starts the parameter list, but ‘&’ indicates each additional parameter.

Basically, you have a set of query parameters before you attach another set of query parameters. Move your ‘bkg’ and ‘v’ parameters into the query parameters section of the Construct URL configuration if you want the the column to build correctly.

Also, I don’t think it’s wise to have a query parameter with a label of ‘?’. That might because causing issues too.

Ok Jeff, thanks for your answer.
I try to find a solution,

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Just to add, while a Construct URL column is probably recommended since it does proper url encoding, I’ve still had it good luck using a normal Template column since most of the payload for Quickchart is JSON. Either should work, but you have to be aware of how the Construct URL column puts the URL together, whereas a Template column is a little more straightforward visually.

Hey Jeff!
I found :sunglasses:!

Thanks for your help!
See you


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