Pro app(legacy)

Hi. Suddenly my app changed to pro app legacy. I guess that might be due to new pricing. Can I know the difference in cost and features between the legacy and pro as I can seem to make any difference between them whether in price or feature. Thanks

Was that app built very long ago? When I see legacy I believe it’s from like 1.5 - 2 years ago.

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Please find attached support link

I’m not a Glide employee so I can’t access that link. Probably this is best left to @SantiagoPerez or someone from the team to answer.


Pro Apps became “Legacy Pro” apps as of 01/10/20 (Sep. 1, 2020) I believe. You can check announcements in the forum (Glide’s new pricing), but I believe the announcement was made around the end of August or very beginning of September, and the the pricing switch was made by the end of September.

So if the app you are referring to was on a pro plan on or before September 2020, I believe this might explain why it shoes as “pro legacy”.

Difference in cost and feature: you would need to confirm with someone from Glide, though I believe “pro legacy” might be a tad cheaper than the new pro apps, and again I believe there was no difference in features. Please confirm with a Glide employee.


Hola @Gemini_Commercial_Se

Could you submit a ticket? That way we can take a closer look.

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Hello @SantiagoPerez, I think I have the same issue.

We don’t use the glideapp anymore so how can I be sure not to be the renewal (due on 03/03/22)

Here is the link to our app : Glide

Thanks !

Nothing has changed, it was just a label change.

Please cancel your app’s plan so it will not renew.

where can I cancel ? I don’t find anything in the billing part

Open your app in the editor, go to Settings, Billing.

On the billing screen your app should also have a menu to do this.

it says “Free” → possible to have a pro app (legacy) with a free plan ?
I was pretty sure we paid until May 22

Can you send us a ticket?