Private chat between members?

how do i make privet chat batwing thet members? one for one

Hi Moshe, there’s no native way of doing this on Glide, you have to do a workaround using the comments feature, or some other workaround. There are various topics about this in the community or even templates by @Robert_Petitto
Need help on creating private chat



Hi Pablo,
Is there any other workaround to create a private chat apart from using comments component?I do not find the Comments component user-friendly , a new screen comes up then need to click on submit, too much effort for a user.

The only other way is to create your own comments flow: have a form to submit new comments, display an inline list/collection of submitted comments, and allow users to edit/delete their own comments.

Downside is it eats into your rows count.

Thanks ThinhDinh, I am trying to recreate this idea. I might have further questions. Regarding row count what if I delete the data regularly?Kind of disappearing message, rows are counted inside the tables , right?

Yes, if you delete old rows then those will be removed from your row count.

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