Privacy when using Whisper

If I record audio, save it to a URL column, then have whisper run a speech-to-text action on that recording, does the recording get saved in Open AI’s server?

You can probably make your own interpretation based on this documentation.

Just guessing, but recordings are probably stored just long enough for OpenAI to process them. Then I would think they are deleted.

Thanks, I think I read somewhere they keep data for 30 days unless you request zero retention, wondering if anyone knows more about it

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Wonder if there is any difference between accessing Whisper directly through their app and uploading the recording directly onto their servers versus saving the recording in Glide and having the Whisper action run on that.

I’m guessing they are effectively the same thing as the recording has to go to their server in order to be transcribed.

The recording is sent to OpenAI for processing, but they do not retain it.


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