Previous and Next Record in Detail View

When i am click into a collection of records on a specific record and open up the detail view for it, instead of going back to the previous screen to get to the next record, is there a way to put a left / right arrow that just jumps to the next record in the order? I dont want to have to keep going in and out

I’ve seen people ask for this before, but I’ve never actually tried it myself. Turns out it’s pretty easy to do :wink:

Just be aware that every time you tap one of those buttons, that’s an update.



Here is an alternative solution that doesn’t consume updates. Basically you create an array with all the items and iterate through it using custom Next/Prev buttons.



dont work

@david this needs to be native option


i built what you had inside my app and it dont work

well never work for us

it dont flip dog

I apologize, maybe I’m just not very sensitive to the difference between special terms.
Variant 2 flip dog?