Predictive text alters Glide search results

We’re experiencing drastically different search results when iOS predictive search is enabled on a user’s device.

In the example below, the user wants to find all markets in Phoenix. If the iOS user has predictive search enabled and taps “Phoenix” from the list of words that populate in the keyboard’s top bar, iOS inserts a space after the word Phoenix and 1 market shows in the search results. If that space is removed, the user now sees the full 8 results:

We totally understand the added space after the word “Phoenix” is by iOS default, but iOS users won’t know the difference and will miss out on proper search results. Is there any way Glide could automagically strip out this space or change its search algorithm to resolve this issue?

My app’s URL:


We’ll fix that soon. Thank you for reporting!

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Awesome, I appreciate you looking into this Mark. Thx!

Hi, Mark. It appears this has been fixed. A big “thank you” to you and the team for resolving this issue!