PostgreSQL and MySQL as data sources

Hello Gliders,

A few days ago I got email from glide that now we can use PostgreSQL & MySQL as data source. As a business customer we can have early access on this & become an alpha tester.

As I am not the expert & could not understand, So I need help from you guys regrading this. I have few questions if you can answer and clear my thoughts on this. Thanks in advance.

  1. how we can use the SQL. What we can do with the SQL data source. Is it same like BigQuery which glide offers?

  2. Is it read & write or read only?

  3. If it is read only , how we can move data from glide tables to SQL to use it as archive of datas?

Have you already applied to be a part of the Alpha Test Group?

If you have, you should have been (or will be) invited to a Slack Channel where you can post these questions and get better answers.

I can tell you that these new Data Sources will be read only, at least to start with. So yes, similar to Big Query. In terms of Data Migration/Archive, Glide Tables provide a CSV export option, so at the very least you would have an option to Export as CSV and then import to your SQL data source.

cc @DJP


Hey, Darren! Thanks for tagging me.

@Muhammad_Haseeb1, please respond to my email if you would like to get access to the Alpha program.


SQL data source is for customers who already have SQL databases with their data in it. If you are learning about SQL for the first time, that’s very exciting but that’s not who this is for.

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Considering applying for PostgreSQL, as much of our data resides there.

Question is how Glide works with Writes and data refresh.

Any insights?
I was thinking having separate columns for writes which are then pushed via webhooks is an option, but definitely not ideal.