Possible to write a time without a date?

I’m coming from Airtable, where there’s a duration column, I can see theres Date/Time component, but no way to set duration just on it’s own.

I can see others have asked this question in the past. Does anyone know if its possible now?

At the moment there’s just a “datetime picker” and a “date picker”, not “time picker”.

May we know what’s your use case?

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It’s for a time tracker to figure out how long it takes to assemble different items. The date doesn’t really matter so adding a date is just an unnecessary extra step for the user - especially if they have to do many logs.

Are they doing this in real time?

If they are, I’d probably skip the date/time picker and give them a button to tap. Then attach an action to the button that writes a current timestamp to the appropriate column.


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