Possible to send data to other apps?

I’m using importrange to connect or link between two apps.
But its seem like need to refresh data . It cannot read if I didnt refresh it.

First picture in google sheet at last row.

Are not in Glide data.

My question is how to make that automatic readable?

Unfortunately, Importrange doesn’t trigger an app data refresh in the second app. You need some sort of app interaction that modifies or adds data to the second app to force the data refresh.

Can I know what’s the idea?

Could be anything. A form to fill out. An increment on a column in the user profile sheet. Just as long as it’s not a User Specific Column edit, it should refresh the data.

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It would probably update quicker if both apps shared the same google sheet or glide tables.

For your information , its different apps with different google sheets and different glide data tables

Do you have any idea on how to make it .
Because i make a changes in Apps A , lets say.
and i importrange from Apps A to Apps B.
As i now in Apps A. How to i can make let say increment at Apps B?

Have you turned on the background refresh option?

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Currently , on this:

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I’ve tried both functions (only on edit & while editing or using the app)
But still, not refresh.

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Open a glide table in one app than link that table into the other app than use single value columns in sheets that needs to be updated to copy values from that linked table… make sure when is time to refresh, some think like a button will write any value to that linked table… it have to be written to non user specific column. Than just one math column to do some calculation using any data in Google sheet with that single value column.
Or if you don’t need to have data in Google sheets… simply keep data in linked glide table

This could be any data ?

Best will be a increment. So it will change value and force math column to recalculate, it can also be a current date… anything that would be deferent value than previous one

Meaning there no related with linked data. Just to make it force calculate?
And also i have to do on both apps?

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Remember it have to use data from Google sheet in that calculation, so GS also will refresh

I’ve tried this way, its works. BUT its still delayed . Like 10 minutes…

It is a free app or PRO?

You can try to put a trigger scripts in these two sheets to write current time, to force refresh by google and do some calculation with that time in linked glide table

PRO Version

I noticed that’s no problem in google sheets, google sheets is always in real time when i’m using the importrange.

The problem is the data is not refreshed in Glide Table.