Populating content on a Details screen

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self admitted noob to Glide - but wow. what a cool platform. Making steady progress but I am stumped on creating the details screen from my instructions table.

My instruction table behaves great. list meets my needs to display the rows of instructions.

Where things go south is when I select one of the items in the list hoping to be able to select which of the fields from the table I want to see in the details screen

1.I’d like to display specific fields from the table on the details screen - but as you can see I am doing something fundamentally wrong. If there is a tutorial that explains details layouts that would be great.

In general I don’t understand the side by side options on the right. I would like to simply pick a field and order it up and down on the screen layout. Why are there two fields size by side?


You cannot display Images in field component I guess. Try using Image component.

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This is designed in that way, with the title on the left and the value on the right.
Consider using other components such as title, big number or rich text.

Ok - I get the fields function. If I wanted to list a long description for example and not have to aligned right, how would i display the contents of my description field that spans the width of the phone screen?

Use a text component or rich text component.

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By setting aside a little time, try to explore all the components provided by Glide. Each component has its own unique character. If you understand HTML and CSS you can be as creative as you want by using richtext components.