Poll: How do you access the Glide Community forum?

Select the option that you use the most often:

  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Laptop
  • Desktop

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Laptop first, mobile second for me.


6 votes in and I’m the only one who uses laptop? :rofl:

I’m a desktop at work, laptop & mobile at home.

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Depends. Mostly mobile for reading, bookmarking, and quick answers. It’s also easier to translate other languages through the mobile browser.

Anything that requires me to research the builder or sheets and anything that requires deeper thought I do on a laptop.

I’m 50/50 mobile laptop

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I spend most of my time on this forum using my desktop. I keep the forum open when I’m working on my Glide apps/templates or prepping graphics/videos for a Showcase post, etc… Similar to @Jeff_Hager, I visit the forum on my mobile device for casual browsing, reading, and quick replies, etc…


Mobile. Direct access icon in main screen

No tablet users so far… interesting

Mobile but the login request each time (plus with double security the need to get the other device to get the pin) is annoying.

Have you tried instaling the forum website as an app like what we normally do with Glide apps?

yes and it still does it

Strange. It’s functioning well here for me, only requires a new login when I accidentally click on a link posted on here and then return to the forum.

I will delete it and try again.

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