PLZ Help with form button

Hello everybody,

i made 2 form buttons , text and gif
everything is working perfect except i need when form button 1 (login) is submited to dissaper and also with form 2 (game) button

i have login form, when it is complete it shows form button 1 (login) and when form button 1 (login) is complete it shows form button 2 (game) and when form button 2 (game) is complete it shows text and gif

example how is now :
Create profile
Text of completing
(but after completing login and game are still here)

I need after login is completed to show game but hide login, same as the game (when the game is complete to show gif and text but hide game

so 1 player can use login and game only once

thx in advance

Do you have any visibility conditions set up on any of the buttons? You can show or hide buttons by setting up relations to check if a row exists in the related form response sheet. If the relation is empty, then you can show the button. If the relation found a match, then the form was already submitted and you can then hide a button.

thx for fast response,

i think not, im still learning but app is amazing

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