Please help: How do I accomplish a screen like this? List of items on the left side with a singular item detail screen on the right. See link inside

I am not sure even what to call this kind of screen, so searching the forums has not worked very well. I am sure I am missing something simple. Thanks in advance for the help.

That is a Classic App, so not something that is available in New Apps.

To get something similar to that, you would need a 2 column container component. Place the collection in the left column of the container. Then you would need to change the action on the collection to set a value somewhere, and then use a relation and lookups to potentially retrieve the detail values for each item. It’s possible, but would require a bit of setup to achieve.

Just be forewarned that this kind of setup could eat through your update counts quickly if a user is signed in.

I guess I would be more inclined to only showing the collection, and then use an overlay or slide in to show the details when clicked.


Thanks very much. Major bummer, but great advice.

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