Pitching Glide to Clients

Hi All,

Does Glide have any documentation available similar to this one from Bubble?

It would be nice to have a concise summary explaining “Why Glide?” to clients who may need some reassurance before going all in on Glide for their app.


@iamtomgray might be able to help you with this.

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@iamtomgray are you able to help with this?

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Hey @james! Thanks for your patience. I’ve been OOO and back in the swing of things. We’re working on finalising a pitch deck that we can share with you. I’m keen to learn more about what you’re working on?


Hey @iamtomgray, sounds good! I am currently working on a project management / booking system web app in glide pages for a land surveying business to help project manage subdivisions and schedule field crews. I will likely be adding a glide app to complement.

The business has around 20 staff and currently operates across a few platforms - the idea is to streamline this into one cohesive system and automate some processes along the way. We will be aiming for a client portal as well.

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