Picture Resolution

Desperately in need of help here. I have looked at many topics on the subject, but did not find anything to solve my issue.

My users take pictures of their receipt inside a Glide App with Image Picker. Zapier uploads that photo to Dext.

My problem is that Dext is very lame and does not allow pictures above 6 mb. Phones these days take pictures in between 5mb and 15mb. My users use either a Galaxy A52 or A71 and both won’t let you choose photo resolution.

Would anyone have an idea of something I could do to change photo resolution via Glide, a Zapier integration or something else? I have tried Cloudinary but they won’t allow pictures above 10mb.

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s possible with Integromat using the Image module to resize.
I had to solve an almost identical problem for an Expense Claims App.

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Oh snap. Did not think of Integromat. Will try!