Photo gallery page designs

Wasnt sure if I should put this here or in the project showcase category so feel free to correct me! I just wanted to shoutout to everyone who might have a gallery in their app if you’re willing to share I would love to see. Trying to get inspiration for making a photo gallery page and don’t want to make it look too boring since I’m a newbie, maybe there’s some interesting ways others have done it or created their layout :slight_smile:

I use a simple Tiles list view to show these images.

You can also use to display a gallery, it is a bit more complex though.
Feed Layouts -
But let me know if you need guidence.

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The timing is sweet.
I published this how-to video for Pages: How to Create an Image Gallery in Glide Pages - YouTube


Oh love this thanks for sharing! I like the carousel on top of tiles :slight_smile:

Sweet indeed, thanks so much!

Oh you’re amazing! Thank you. Exactly what I’d want to do

Oh sorry where do I place the css for the screen I want this for? I haven’t done Css in glide yet

In a rich text component

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Wonderful thanks. I’m excited to finally learn to do small css things

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