Persiste computed column to spreadsheet

I have a column that is computed using relations. Is there a way to persist this computed column values to the spreadsheet?

No there is not. Might I ask for what reason you are wanting to do this? I may have a solution for you that does not require what you are asking.

We have data in one spreadsheet, say student profiles. Then when a student book a lecture, we create a entry in another sheet, say reservation sheet. The lecture itself doesn’t have a grade associated to it. Basically it is offered at all grades levels.

But the guy who processes the reservation wants to see the grade a first glance when they look at the data. There is a key in reservation sheet that allows them to go to profile sheet and see the student’s grade. But they are looking for a way to see that information without having to move between sheets.

I know something is possible with apps script. But i was hoping to avoid that.

Creat a relation and lookup between the sheets that displays the grade. The reason this is necessary is because if you add any data in the sheet glide will skip passed it and go to the bottom most empty row.

So if anything was on the sheet that would identify this for you it would just skip below it when it entered the next data and your formula would be useless.

Were you able to resolve the issue?

No, I was not. When I have some time I will look at App Script.

If you sned me a link to the app and sheet I can set it up fo you. It shouldn’t take but a few hours.