PDF Monkey file storage

Hi Gliders

We use pdfmonkey to create our pdf files. Does anyone know where the files are being stored and for how long?

Greetings to all from Switzerland

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Hello Darren

thanks for the reply. So does this mean that the PDFs created with pdfMonkey integration in Glide will be saved by Glide and not by pdfMoneky?

This is a very important question because as pdfMonkey pro user, the data retention in the pdfMonkey storage is only 7 days.

The URL’s generated on pdf monkey to share are also different from the URL I posted. So I assume that the files generated by the Glide integration are stored in Glideverse and not in pdfMonkey.



Based on that URL, yes that is definitely Glide Storage. So the guidelines outlined in the link that I gave will apply.

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