Payment solution

Good morning,

I ask for a suggestion regarding the way my clients and client’s user can pay.
Basically I’m building a service with membership where my clients have to pay to access. To the whole thing (it’s a private app where only user in the user table can access). So I just need a Zap to add the user who paid to the app to let them in.

The same goes for my clients, they need to check users shipping address of membership paying users and send them things (every client can potentially customize its price but this is corrected manually by me in this moment). I can use my account and collect all the payments and then refund my clients once every month or let them setup their own payment method (it seems very hard to me and there is no reason to do that in this phase).

The app is now structured in a way where all users are in the same table with shipping address and so on. My clients have a role to manage their own users inside the app. I then have a table where could potentially flow in all the payments/subscriptions.

Do you have any suggestion on how to deal with this and how to setup a memberstack-like integration?

I hope everything is clear enough

Thank you very much and hear you soon

This might help


Thank you very much! Brillant solution and very easy to implement