Payment error - unable to click pay

Hi, I am trying to upgrade and use the premium service but in the website, I cannot upgrade my plan because the current page on billing does not allow me to click the pay button. Where can I get help on this? Without an upgrade option, I cannot even write questions on the Q&A.

Have you filled in all forms in the payment form?
If I recall correctly, the submit button will remain disabled until all fields have been filled in.

I did actually. The button has been activated to the blue color. However, clicking the button did not process to the next level unfortunately.

Additionally, when I finally close the payment window. I found out the summary page had this circulating signal from the beginning… could this be the reason why?

mmm, looks like something is messed up.

I would try the following:

  • Sign out of Glide
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies of all Glide related content
  • Sign back into Glide

try that and see if it helps

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