Partner Features: Feedback Requested!

I just finished building my first client app last week. Overall it was a great developer experience! I plan to push future clients to Glide in the near future.

One request I would have is the ability to “release” updates for my clients to test.

If my client is testing something in the published/shared version and I break something while I am developing another feature in the app, the client will be confused and it looks bad on me because they think I sent them something untested.

So I would envision, when I click ‘Share’ to create a link for my clients to test the app there is a toggle to ‘Share this Version’ or ‘Share all Future’ versions.

P.S. This doesn’t have to be specific to partners/agencies, this would be a great app feature across Glide. In either case, this would definitely improve my developer-client experience.


Ok nice! What’s the difference between prebuilt apps and templates?

No, right now, my method is I create two versions of the same app.

First one, they can’t copy, just view. I sell this version.

Once they buy it, I share the URL of the version they can copy.

So I take care of the payment (using Gumroad or else) and I need to manage two versions for each app.

If there was a way to add the same features as the templates in your marketplace even if they are not in the marketplace, it would be awesome.