Partner Features: Feedback Requested!

I just finished building my first client app last week. Overall it was a great developer experience! I plan to push future clients to Glide in the near future.

One request I would have is the ability to “release” updates for my clients to test.

If my client is testing something in the published/shared version and I break something while I am developing another feature in the app, the client will be confused and it looks bad on me because they think I sent them something untested.

So I would envision, when I click ‘Share’ to create a link for my clients to test the app there is a toggle to ‘Share this Version’ or ‘Share all Future’ versions.

P.S. This doesn’t have to be specific to partners/agencies, this would be a great app feature across Glide. In either case, this would definitely improve my developer-client experience.


Ok nice! What’s the difference between prebuilt apps and templates?

No, right now, my method is I create two versions of the same app.

First one, they can’t copy, just view. I sell this version.

Once they buy it, I share the URL of the version they can copy.

So I take care of the payment (using Gumroad or else) and I need to manage two versions for each app.

If there was a way to add the same features as the templates in your marketplace even if they are not in the marketplace, it would be awesome.

@darren glad to hear you had a good experience! We’ve heard this feedback from a lot of folks. I don’t have a timeline at the moment but it’s definitely something we want to build at some point.

@F_rank prebuilt apps are just templates that haven’t been published! Some folks don’t want to share their apps as templates and we want to support that use case too. Appreciate the feedback, not sure how we will address it right now. Likely we’ll make a copy of the app when you move them to client billing, but that’s the part of the process we really need to spec out.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! Keep it coming if you have any other thoughts!


Hi @Ian … Just wondering if this is still being worked on or if there is a new Partner Program coming don the pipe any time soon?

Hey @shchc it’s not actively being worked on at the moment. This will be a Q3/Q4 project at the earliest. Data sources are taking precedence right now.

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Thanks for the response @Ian!

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