Anyone know if you can use parameters in-app?

Context: I’m trying to send the User’s email address into an open link or webview component so they don’t have to fill in the login form that follows - is this possible or am I just dreaming?

@ThinhDinh, @Robert_Petitto, @Jeff_Hager, @Drearystate (Sorry to bother ya’ll but I had to request your wisdom!)

Thanks for any and all help :pray:

You’d need to craft the URL using a template column, but yes, should be possible if the URL supports it.


Robert’s on the ball today.

Ok, I’ll try that! Thanks for replying!

You too Drearystate, thanks for replying!

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I did nothing sir, but thank you:)

If I’m trying to send the users email to my form - is the parameter just “www.superawesomelinkz .com?email=email”?

Depends on the form and if it accepts parameters…but yes. Create a Glide Template column and replace the second email with the users email address


www.superawesomelinkz .com?email=@ where @ is userEmail

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Alrighty - here goes nothing haha

Thanks again!

Sounds a nice use case and I agree with all the points posted above. Let us know how it goes.

Thanks for replying ThinhDinh. No dice though - I couldn’t get the form to accept the parameters being passed to it. I tried multiple formats (that Robert mentioned above) but couldn’t get it to populate accordingly. :confused:

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What type of website are you trying to link to?

I’d be surprised if you can get this to work.

Have a read of this Stackoverflow thread, which I believe is related to what you are trying to do.
You’d need to examine the HTML source of the destination page, and try and determine the names of the form variables. And even if you can determine those, simply passing them as parameters in a GET request (which is what the webview does) is unlikely to work. It might be possible with the use of some App Script to craft a request that would work, but I don’t think that would help you here.

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Are you wanting to have the user be able to access a form from their email?

If this is what you are trying to do you can use Google Forms. They can populate any google sheet you need and they can be automatically sent to email addresses. You set it up and when they fill out the form and submit it the data populates in your sheet and they can fill it out directly from their email without having to leave their email page.