Pages won’t incorporate a Stripe integrated “Buy Button”?

Is there any confirmation that pages will not directly integrate a payment feature? If so, I’d like to run a scenario by you all and find out what the best avenue to take would be.

I run a film archiving service where each client sends in multiple orders per week and can pay via “Buy Button” (stripe), in app, individually OR in mass. The ability to pay for multiple orders at once was a HUGE feature request especially from photographers that sent in 50+ orders at a time.

If pages are not including a “But Button” like apps have, is there a payment service out there that will allow for paying a balance in total rather than by order that I can integrate into Glide? Stripe, Square, etc…

Doesn’t seem like Stripe or Square allow for bulk paying but instead have you mark all previous invoices as paid or canceled and then combine them manually.

I’m currently building a Make integration to see if creating an invoice on the fly for any outstanding orders is possible. Does anyone have experience with this?

I’ve managed to create this which successfully sends an invoice to my clients but now i’m wondering if i need to clone the “create invoice” portion to the “New Client” portion or if there is a way to get the action to continue running after a new client has been created. @Robert_Petitto any help would be super appreciated!

Do you need multiple invoices or multiple items for checkout?

Have you seen if Glide’s new Stripe Invoice integration can meet your needs?

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Only available for business plans at $249 a month?

i do for free plans :wink:

No thank you.


In the scenario I’ve got there, will Make automatically continue after creating a client into sending them an invoice or stop until the action is ran again?

I’m wanting it to create client if they don’t exist then invoice them else invoice existing client. Is there a loop tool that can send the action back to the router?

There isn’t. You’d have to copy the modules and connect them to the first path.

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We’ll get Stripe on Pro.