Pages - Number Entry Validation Like In Apps

I’d like to be able to use number validation in Pages just like what exists in Apps:

If I make a rewards app, I don’t want to allow more rewards to be redeemed than the current user’s Max Value. I currently use a workaround for this, but gosh darn would it be nice to use those three little dots and select the current account value for rewards.

Disclaimer: I understand that the Pages product is new and features are constantly rolling out. Sometimes I think I see them appear after a refresh while I’m using the app! Glide isn’t kidding about shipping something every week. My hope is that this will let someone on the product team know that there is at least one person waiting for this feature.

Yes. This.



It looks like this is in Pages now! Yay! :slight_smile:

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When did this roll out? Last week?