Pages "List Relation" component

Does Pages have a way of implementing a “List Relation” component that the Apps has?

Yes! Pages use “collections” instead of lists in pages. They both function in relatively the same way, though I prefer collections with its flexibility in formatting. You can reference relation columns in collections to achieve the same functionality.

There’s documentation here on Collections:

What is your main need for using “List Relation”? I assume the automatic count of items?

Yes. To have a list that shows a count of each item and then navigates to a page with a list of those items. Is there another way to accomplish the same thing?

You can use a combination of relation - rollup to do the count and then a template column to append the unit to it.

I assume instead of a “List Relation” component, maybe you can show a button with the title created from the flow above, then it will use the action “Show new screen” using the relation as the source.