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Hey guys,

I currently have a project page where users will be able to see their projects and all related data. Now the thing is when I want them to edit/update something, I only have 2 options, right? I can either make a detail screen or an edit screen of a project’s page. Both screens can be populated with editable elements.

But since I do not have CSS options on the starter plan, the font size etc. is locked AND I do not want to overwhelm users with too much scrolling. It should by clean and simple. My edit screen currently looks like this:

How do I add more editable elements here, in a clean and simple way?

IDEA 1: Vertical select / dropdown list
Users click on an item and a value is written to their profile. Containers are then shown / hidden based on this value. Usability is fine I guess, but not perfect… :roll_eyes:

IDEA 2: Button block
Like above, but there is always a primary and several secondary buttons so this is not usable :-1:

I am looking for something a bit more usable for Glide Pages. Like an accordion or submenu or more options for the buttons. Any ideas from your side?

I don’t know how many fields you have, with your ideas do you mean you want to divide the fields into sections?

That can work. You can have a choice component and show/hide containers based on that choice component’s chosen value.

I’m not sure if you have tried this, but what about a slide-in setup instead of this? It can give you more space vertically.

In button block you can have primary button action as none which will hide the primary button and then you can use new screens inside the buttons or have the action as set columns and based on the button click the users will see the form

I hope that makes sense.

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Hey Thinh, yes, thanks for your ideas! But can you please clarify this “slide-in”? It’s just a modal with the screen sliding in, at around 30% of the screen, how should this give me more space?

My thinking was that the slide in option will give you more vertical space within the space it already occupies.

The “pop-up” option is sometimes too big for my liking, and if I recall right, if you add too many components then you will have to scroll down instead of it growing with the set of components.

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It actually offers a bit more space. Thanks!!

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Hi @kaustubh97

Would appreciate if you ellabarote a bit more, let say I have 2 Buttons and 2 Containers:

On load only the Company Name Container should be visible, when clicking on another button it should hide all other containers and show only one, Company Type in this case.

When Submitting all Fields should be Inserted or Updated.

Is that possible?

You don’t need those buttons, you can instead drive the visibility of your components using screen values.

For example, for your Company Type selector you could set the visibility “when screen->Company Name is not empty”


Precisley! Using a Choice component can be a good option, though it might rack up your update count if you have 100’s of users navigating like this daily:
CleanShot 2022-11-20 at 14.46.52

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How do you accomplish this? Which value do you edit through the choice component?

Like @Darren_Murphy mentioned above, make a value column and add values to the dropdown list like 1,2,3… or container1, container2, etc. doesn’t matter. These values will then be saved to the screen item when you select it.
Then edit the visibility of the containers below based on the screen item, like “show this when ‘2’ is selected” and so on. Thanks @Robert_Petitto for the gif!! :star_struck:

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Check out this video of mine. I explain it somewhere in the middle of the video:

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