PAGES and clickable phone number

Is there a way to make a phone number “Clickable” in PAGES? I see its different than the APP however one mobile viewing a PAGE then clickable may be valuable.

Well, you could have a button with a ‘Dial Phone Number’ action. I don’t really see anything that would be a good substitute for a standard text component.

I didnt think about that, let me try…

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FWIW - I’ve found myself using Titles in place of Action Text when using Pages and using buttons with custom actions like Jeff recommended.


Or a rich text HTML set up with tel:[your phone number here] would also work.


Just discovered another alternative that looks decent - I used the HINT component with a neutral mood inside of a container. Was able to tie an action to the hint to call a number or visit a website.

I also used the “Get part of URL” with Host selected to shorten the website for a better looking display (although it does click thru to the entire URL address)



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Thanks for sharing!

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Very nice!

I hope Glide will offer such readymade components because I’m incapable of being so creative with UI design :pray:

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