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Hello all,
My name is Furkan and I’m new to Glide and I have a question regarding the overlays and screen. As you can see on the screenshot I want to insert different numbers or texts but unfortunately it takes over for all the same no matter what I write. How can I make it so that I can write on each single thing purely verschelnde please for help?

Hi @Furkan_Ozsimitci, welcome to Glide and the community forum.

You show screenshots of the Glide builder: this area is where you define the layout of screens/tabs.

The data area – Glide Data Editor – is where you define the data that is going to be pulled into the builder and displayed.

To your problem: I am assuming you want every player to have a different number and this number is to be displayed as an overlay in the image component?

Possible solution:

  1. In the Glide Data Editor, in the players table, create a basic column to hold the player number (text or number column).
  2. Populate this column with data.
  3. Back to in the Glide Builder, in the image component, at the tag level, select the column with the players’ number.

Hi Nathan thanks for your help you have helped me. I guess for buttons and links it works the same way ? I wanted to ask how it is with the links the same problem is it the same solution away? Thanks again

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If you have a different link for each player then you would have to do as @nathanaelb explained above. So create a new column and add the links instead of numbers.


As @Wiz.Wazeer suggested, it is the same idea with links.

Remember that if you want the data to change per list item (row), then this data needs to live in the tables in the GDE (either a Glide Table or a Google Sheet).


Thank you very much Nathan you have helped me a lot :slight_smile:

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