Has this always been there or something new. It’s generated image overlay.

Sorry ignore the kittens. Uploaded in error.

Another tip. You can add any png as a link in glide tables and then covert to image


I know those kittens were on purpose sir, you can’t fool me. But I have never seen it, might be new.

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Here is a clear screenshot…Glide folders!

Generated images overlayed on images.

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I think it’s actually a bug. It’s been reported a few times that the generated image column as an avatar in the tiles/cards component expands past the boundaries of the avatar container.

Generated Images: Tiles & Cards layout

Generated images fill a tile when set as an avatar

Generated Image Fails to Display Properly


Lol! got exited! TX!

IF you’re using Glide generated images, it’s a bug that @Jason is fixing VERY soon!


Please tell @Jason to give us a few options like the one in the screenshot. We could create the look and feel of folders.

Thank you

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How about just adding a background image of a folder? :wink:


add this request to the features request app and upvote it @Wiz.Wazeer !

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