Overlay a Container

How can I overlay a container because I try to add a container over it but the new container moved to the bottom?

The 1st container is for the background
The second container is a quiz container


You can have an image as a container background. It is a native option.

Not possible to use a container inside another container yet, but as Uzo said, you can set the container background an image

kind of posible… :wink: rich-text <div><div></dv></div>
Did you use the word “yet”? Is there hope for fixed containers?

Support Chat said it is possible

Well I try to use

in rich text, but it just divides nothing overlaying

It is a native opinion, but images can’t be the background because images are CURVED!

May be not right at all

Instead of overlaying a container what can I do. Images are curved corners so no