Container Background Image

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to use image as a container background, once I uploaded the image, but image is not visible. and another time I tried using image url also again the image is not shown. what may be the issue. can anyone please help.

Works for me.

Can you show how yours is configured?
Where is your image stored?

This is using url

here I have uploaded the downloaded image

Can you post the image URL here please?!&&p=bf264bcd2e57de23JmltdHM9MTY3NDUxODQwMCZpZ3VpZD0zYmIwNzc1Ni05MmU5LTZkMTUtMzZlNS02NTYwOTM4MjZjZDkmaW5zaWQ9NTU3Ng&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=3bb07756-92e9-6d15-36e5-656093826cd9&u=a1L2ltYWdlcy9zZWFyY2g_cT1JbWFnZXMmRk9STT1JUUZSQkEmaWQ9QkM2NDcwQzYwQjdBODYxNURBNzExRTg0QjU4NzcwMUQxMjJFNERGOQ&ntb=1

That’s not a link to an image, it’s a link to bing.

The URL for the image is

If I use that, it works as expected:

I would recommend uploading your images to Glide, and configure the container to use the column the image is stored in.

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I uploaded the image it didn’t work and tried using the link you had sent still it is not working in both the case
thank you for your quick response.

Have you added any components inside the container?

You won’t see anything if there are no visible components.


sorry, I didn’t know that this works like this. I just added a button and checked, now the image is visible, Thank you.

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As and when Apps moves to pages, do you anticipate this feature would become available, effectively making a background image possible for Apps, almost like a wall paper?

When you say this feature, are you referring to having the ability to set a background image at the tab level? (as opposed to container level).

We don’t have that at the moment. I have no idea if it’s something that’s planned.


Hi madhu

How do you add enable India Ulm on top as a header.
Is it a image or anything else you added?


How do you add the highlighted part in the screenshot.

This looks to be using the Logo + Title option. This is found under Settings/Name & Icon. This option only appears after you upload an image in the Logo field.


hi @Manikandan_R, @kyleheney is correct, i have added it as logo and title

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