Order sent by email

Hi all,
I’m currently trying to build an app for a restaurant.
I would like to implement a feature to enable customers to select items, and then I just would like to have this order sent by email (no checkout).
Is it possible to do that ?
Thank you for helping !

@Romain Hi, welcome to the community.

How are you handling payments for the orders?

You could create a form, once the form is submitted send an email with the details submitted on the form via Zapier

Have a look at actions as well in case your not familiar with them to see what is possible :arrow_down:

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Many thanks Rosewebstudio !
Actually I do not need to handle payments, the owner wants customers to pay once they pick up the food in the restaurant, so I just need the order to be sent !


If the app is public with email ( so the users have to sign into the app) , you could configure it so that only the restaurant owner could see the order (maybe a separate tab) and therefore you would not need to send an email?

Also you will probably want to set up some sort of notifications so the restaurant owner knew that there was an order.

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Thank you Rose, this would be indeed very good option, although I’m not sure how to do this :slight_smile:
Moreover I’m still with the free plan

You need to get learning :blush:

Look at the documentation and watch some videos

Also make sure the restaurant pays you and upgrade to pro…





Is the restaurant owner a client of yours or your boss?

Many thanks for the links Rose, yes I know I still have to learn :slight_smile: but I like it !

Hi Drearystate, the owner is a client of mine, so far the orders are done only by phone, but I’m evaluating the feasibility to improve this !