"OR" in a row

Maybe it’s easy but I’m lost: each customer has 1 row, and he can set 10 consecutive cells (numbers). I would like to have another cell (“check for 0”) that goes to “99” if 1 or more of the 10 cells are set to 0. (“OR” function between the 10 cells). Is any simple method to do that, without using GS?

or in a row

Maybe use


If column 5LM = 0 then 99 else column 5LM and repeat for each column

It didn’t work (the entire function disappears after a refresh as a conflict) but maybe I did a mistake pointing to wrong cells. I will try again. Thanks

Your doing it in the glide builder not google sheet? Just checking :+1:


This sheet is also a GS but I would like not to use any function in GS for speed. Anyway, the “if…then” has only 1 else statement at the end. So, if there are multiple situations I think “else” will change between 99 and normal status all the time. Matter of fact, it is not possible to choose “and” or “or” between the different “Add Case”. Am I wrong?

The rule for for check column:

  • If any of the *LM columns = 0, then 99, else blank


If so, then you do it like this:

  • If 1LM equals 0, then 99
  • If 2LM equals 0, then 99
  • If 3LM equals 0, then 99
  • If 10LM equals 0, then 99

And you don’t need an else condition, as once it gets to the end it will default to blank.


Partially solved. In this case I was able to use the “visibility options” where you can use “and & or” functions. I still don’t know how you can do the same on the sheet.

Thanks, Darren!

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