Options for cascading delete

I think i have looked through all the posts on this topic, was unable to find a answer on how to do this.
How does one implement cascading delete or like functionality when using Glide Tables only? No scripting or outside third party stuff…

So when i delete the parent record i want to automagically delete the children
Many thanks …

That’s not possible right now. You can delete the parent record, but all that will do is delete the parent. Then child records will be left hanging. You would probably have to find some way to not allow the parent record to be deleted until all the children are deleted first.

There is currently a Delete action in staging, which would make it easier to build processes through custom actions to delete records, but I’m not sure if that would allow related rows to be deleted through a relation. Also, none of the current actions let you modify multiple rows at once. They only allow you to change child values in a single related row through a single relation.


is that functionality available now?

Nope…been a feature request for 2.5 years now though….

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Similar to this one:

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i am running out of ability to vote now. only 5 votes allowed and already consumed. :sweat_smile:

Make every vote count : )

If you run out of votes and realize you would allocate your votes differently, you can “remove” votes and get them back, thereby giving you the option to vote on other feature requests.


believe me, all likes were required and prioritized. i think Glide team is hiring now to fulfil the requested features. :grin:

That would be nice.